Silt Fence

A silt fence is a temporary sediment control device used on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment (loose soil) in stormwater runoff.


Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. It is often used as an erosion control technique on construction sites, as an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed.

Slope Matting

Slope matting is a temporary slope stabilization measure that allows seeded vegetation to grow through the mat. Also known as erosion control matting, it can be used to stabilize stormwater channels or other areas which are subject to occasional flowing water.


Sodding is the process of laying down sod, which is the grass that has been harvested and chopped into small pieces. The sod can be laid on any kind of ground surface – from slopes to flat areas. It’s most often used for landscaping purposes, but it also provides a quick way to cover up an area before seeding or planting new plants.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are relatively rigid walls used for supporting soil laterally so that it can be retained at different levels on the two sides. Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil to a slope that it would not naturally keep to.

Drainage Work

Drainage is the removal of a surface’s water and sub-surface water from an area with excess of water. The internal drainage of most agricultural soils is good enough to prevent severe waterlogging, but many soils need artificial drainage to improve production or to manage water supplies.


Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land, including the following: Living elements, such as flora or fauna; or what is commonly called gardening, the art and craft of growing plants with a goal of creating a beauty within the landscape.

Clearing and Grubbing

Clearing is defined as removing and disposing of all unwanted surface material, such as trees, brush, grass, weeds, downed trees, and other material. Grubbing is defined as removing and disposing of all unwanted vegetative matter from underground, such as stumps, roots, buried logs, and other debris.


Grading is the work of ensuring a level base, or one with a specified slope, for a construction work such as a foundation, the base course for a road or a railway, or landscape and garden improvements, or surface drainage.

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